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Here at group-homes.org we are working to provide you with information on the many different kinds of group homes and the kind of care that each provide. Choosing a group home is a big decision and can be extremely daunting. We're going to do our best to assist you in this problem.  

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Types of Group-Homes

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An estimated 47% of the United states population attends a group home at some point in time in there life. There are so many different homes to choose from, and here at group-homes.org we're going to work to provide you with the most information possible to aid you in your decision. 

Table of Group-Homes

Type of Group-Home Description
Troubled Teen Group homes for teens struggling with the law and other areas of life. 
Substance Rehabilitation Group homes for those struggling with addiction and recovery.
Developmentally Disabled Group homes for those who face problems with developmental disabilities.
Illness Support Group homes for those struggling with terminal or serious illness, or old age. 

Troubled Teens

Many teens struggle with the law despite the parent's best efforts. More…

Substance abuse

Substance rehabilitation often referred to as Drug Rehabilitation, or Drug Rehab is a process More…

Developmentally disabled

Developmental disabilities affect between 1 and 2 percent of the population in the western countries. There are several different kinds of care given to those with these disabilities More…

Illness Support

Illness support homes are usually attended by those with terminal illnesses, or those seeking comfort for other life-impairing illnesses More...